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Florence AssenatI was born in Narbonne on October 1st 1964 and until my late teens lived in the French-Spanish border town of Rivesaltes. The colours and passions of this region are heavily influenced by the Catalan culture and the talents to be found there have undoubtedly been a major influence on my work, while my home for the last ten years, Agde on the Mediterranean, has brought me the serenity I needed to understand what I wanted to achieve.

My works are a very personal expression of how I see the world. Feminine and feminist. Passionately sensual, peaceful and beautiful. They show my desire for freedom and my fight for tolerance and against exclusion. They are my way of trying to make the world a better place. A world without hypocrisy and unspoken words, where things are what they seem and not what morality and convention make them.

The essence of my painting is the animating of spirits behind scenes of everyday life - sometimes shown explicitly and sometimes simply rediscovered and exaggerated. I don't claim to see or understand everything. But for me the world is so full of meaning, vibrating with emotions and energy, that I feel the need to peel back the layers and interpret them on the canvas. For me, painting is the ultimate catharsis.

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